As a unique digital identifier for researchers, Orcid solves issues regarding ambiguity and similarity of names, enables different players in the scientific publishing chain (authors, publishers, universities, funding agencies), and can be a profile – curriculum. It is recommended that academic and/or professional information is available in “public” form.


For data exchange, Crossref, ResearcherID, and Scopus Author ID are integrated into ORCID. The Sucupira platforms (Capes) Lattes (CNPq) are in the implementation phase.


To streamline the evaluation processes, Capes changed the Sucupira platform to enable Orcid.


For papers publication, many journals and some research funding agencies require the Orcid.


USP became an institutional member of Orcid in 2016). All USP researchers (students, faculty, and technical-administrative employees) must have their Orcid records authenticated.



Registration and/or creation of Orcid: http://www.usp.br/orcid/


Tutorial How to link your ORCiD to USP




How to link ORCID on Sucupira platform (Capes collection)

Access the link sucupira.capes.gov.br/sucupira / and perform the following procedures:


a) on the right, top of the screen: click on Restricted Access;


b) on the right of the screen: enter with Orcid;


C) enter with Orcid number and password;


d) click on Sign into Orcid.


A window with two options will appear:


1) Request registration (for those who do not have registration in Capes);

2) Link Orcid [enter the CPF (login) and the Capes registration password generated in the above step].


How to link ORCID on Sucupira platform (Capes collection)

Access the link and perform the following procedures:


a) in “Update curriculum” access the respective Lattes;


b) select the “General Data” tab < > identification < > other identifiers (left column);


c) at the bottom of the page, Register or Connect your ORCID ID;


d) enter the Orcid number.