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Placement Test

Physicians without residency in Neurology or other professionals may apply for graduate programs (Master’s or Doctorate), the program in Medicine (Neurology), in the area of Neurosciences.


In this case, it is necessary to be approved in the Placement Test, applied in April and October.


The candidate will be approved with Grade 7 (seven).

The Placement Test will be valid for 2 years


PhD candidates approved in the Placement Test for admission to the Master’s program will not need to submit to the test.


Prior contact with the advisor or program coordinator is advisable.


Applications are carried out through the form, with guidelines on the Placement Test.




Contents of the book “NEUROSCIENCE (Purves D; Augustine GJ; Fitzpatrick D; Hall WC; LaMantia A-S; McNamara JO; White LE), 4ª Edição, 2008”:


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