The Postdoctoral Program of USP is an improvement program in advanced research under the supervision of an experienced researcher, carried out in the units, museums, centers, and facilities of the University, by holders of a doctor’s degree, to improve the level of scientific and technological excellence of USP.


Postdoctoral benefits: during the research program, postdoctoral students can participate in teaching training in undergraduate course activities, under the supervision of a university professor, in addition to having the right to use the services of libraries, collections, and laboratories offered by USP to its professors, according to the regulations, as well as Eduroam.

The Research Committee is responsible for applying for the Postdoctoral Program of the Office of the Dean for Research developed at FMRP.

Guide to the USP Postdoctoral Program

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PNPD-National Postdoctoral Program/Capes (PNPD/Capes)

The National Program of Postdoctoral/Capes (PNPD/Capes) aims to fund postdoctoral internships in Graduate Programs recommended by CAPES.



I-promote high-level studies;

II-strengthening national research groups;

III-renew the Graduate Programs (PPG) in higher education and research institutions;

IV-promote the insertion of Brazilian and foreign researchers in Postdoctoral internships, stimulating their integration with research projects developed by graduate programs in the country.


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