Incoming Students

Congratulations to you, an incoming student in the Graduate Program in Medicine (Neurology), Ribeirão Preto Medical School-USP.

We are committed to providing a stimulating intellectual environment with opportunities for training and professional growth. However, for the success of this mission, your commitment is essential!

Read the academic information (below), the general guidelines for students, and the current legislation, the respective Regiments and regulations of the graduate program, available on Policies and Guidelines. These guidelines are important to all students, in particular incoming and regular students.

The Coordination

 Graduate Regulations and Program Regulations.

General guidelines for students

Course enrollment

The registration in the course will be made through the “registration and initial registration form” (presented when registering for the admission process), in which the USP number of the student is created and/or reactivated and sent to the program office so that the student might become a regular incoming student.

In this condition, the student is recommended to learn more about the course, including the academic information of the program.

Semester enrollment

The regular student shall enroll semiannually in the Janus system, until the deposit of the dissertation or thesis.

There are two types of enrollment: enrollment in disciplines or follow-up enrollment (if you are not going to attend the disciplines).

The semester registration must be effective in January and July, according to periods informed by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Programs through USP email.

Not enrolling implies termination of the Graduate Course.

Check periodically the ”Student Record” in the Janus system for the disciplines studied, the number of credits required, the deadline for registration and completion of the qualifying exam, the deadline to submit the work (dissertation/thesis), and the maximum date for defense.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned deadlines results in the student’s termination.

If students miss the deadline for enrollment in discipline or follow-up enrollment, they shall fill out the form below and deliver it to the program office.

Form regular students

Janus System

This system manages the academic life of graduate students. Through Janus, students enroll in disciplines, track grades and frequencies, issues the complete school history (student file), make the deposit, and tracks requests.

Access / < > First Access < > enter your USP Code to generate the password, which will be sent to the email indicated in the registration form when registering for the admission process.

Periodically consult the ”Student Record” in the Janus system to check the disciplines studied, number of credits required, deadline for registration and completion of the qualifying exam, deadline for the submission of the work (dissertation/thesis), and the maximum date for defense.

Failure to comply with the deadlines results in the student’s termination.

USP E-mail

For messages about the course and attend online courses – it is important to register your USP email on Janus.

Access / and click “First Access”. Inform the program office or the Graduate service to enter your USP email into Janus.

To read and send messages, access the Webmail or direct to your address (Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook, etc.).

USP card

Go to Janus system < “ “USP Card < > new request < > save”” After, click “include/change photo” and attach a Standard ID-size photo, with white background and good resolution.

When the card is available at the Graduate service, the student will be notified through the USP email.

To track the request, Click “List request”.

USP digital card (USP e-card)

Attention: the USP ticket is not the USP card. It is a ticket for exclusive use on some buses at the USP campus of the city of São Paulo.

Badge for HCFMRP access

To access the HCFMRP, the student must fill out the application form for an identification badge and deliver it to the program office to collect the signature of the head of the Department of Neurosciences and Behavioral Sciences or the program coordinator. After, the student must collect the badge at the HCRP reception.


To consult the disciplines offered by the USP graduate programs, access < > list disciplines catalogued by area of concentration < > school< > program.

For the disciplines of this program, adopt the same procedure and select Ribeirão Preto Medical School < > 17012 – Medicine (Neurology) < > 17140 – Neurology or < > 17163 – Neurosciences.


Students rely on the “Requirements” menu in the Janus system for the following requests:

  • Use of credits in disciplines studied outside the USP;
  • Use of credits in disciplines studied at USP;
  • Assignment of special credits;
  • Temporary suspension of enrollment
  • Other requirements.

“Other requirements”:

  • Program termination;
  • Change of Advisor;
  • New Registration;
  • Extension of deadline for deposit;
  • Extension of deadline for defense;
  • Extension of term for the qualifying exam;
  • Transfer of course/area/program.

Tutorial – online application-students

Emissions of Online Statements

Students also rely on the “Statements” menu in Janus, for issuing documents with electronic authentication:

* Registration statement;

* Certificate of completion of disciplines;

* Certificate of enrollment with disciplines;

* Student record.

Semester enrollment

Online document requestonline

Vehicle identification seal

Access the Campus Town Hall website < > University Guard Service

Medical and dental care

The medical and dental care is provided by six (6) Basic Medical Care Units (UBAS) – five (05) on the campuses of the interior, and one (01) on the campus in the capital and by contracted medical care providers.

Access to the University restaurant

To access the University restaurant it is necessary to make the USP card. Until they are ready, the student can use the Registration Statement with electronic authentication, issued on Janus.

For further information, access the website of the City Hall of the USP campus of Ribeirão Preto < > Services < > Central Restaurant.

Wi-fi and VP

To connect the USPnet VPN with the AnyConnect app, students shall have the USP number and the unique password, which is the same as the portal

For more information, access the Ribeirão Preto Information Technology Center (USP) website


Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure wireless access service developed for the international education and research community. The initiative allows students, researchers, and teams from participating institutions to obtain internet connectivity, via wireless connection (wi-fi), within their campuses and any Venueity that offers this facility as a service provider.


All USP researchers (students, faculty and technical-administrative employees) must have their Orcid records authenticated.

Orcid solves problems of ambiguity and similarity of names, enables the integration of different players in the scientific publishing chain (authors, publishers, universities, funding agencies), and can be a profile – curriculum.

There are four ORCID instances at USP that coexist and can cause trouble. The ORCiD number is unique, but the USP link with ORCiD number only happens in instance 3 (below).

1) World ORCID registration

2) ORCID information in DataUSP-weR_USP

3) Registration of the USP number linked to the ORCiD number

4) ORCID information on Janus-graduate program

The link between n. USP and n. ORCiD is important for the future authentication of institutional information (training, employment, financing and production).

ORCID registration is free and open to all researchers. However, it is necessary to fill in the basic identification information, such as a resume, and add information such as biography, employment, training, jobs, etc.

For further guidance, contact your library or send a message to the USP Agency for academic Information Management-AGUIA:


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